Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Simple Plan !

Alowp...assalamualaikum! hye guys! wad'dup?!,
wokeyh! before this I'd post something about Big Time Rush and The Wanted members biography,
today, I wanna share about a new group who had successfully enthralling my woman heart to keep continuing listen to their songs! yeabsolutely!!,
 Simple Plan !!!
and there's something you have to know about this fabulous group!,
Simple Plan is a Canadian pop punk band consisting of :

Pierre Bouvier (May 9, 1979) on vocal,

Chuck Comeau (September 17, 1979) on drums,

David Desrosiers (August 29, 1980) on bass and backing vocals,

Sebastien Lefebvre (June 5, 1981) on guitar and backing vocals

 Jean Francois Stinco (August 22, 1978) on lead guitar

wokeyh! the fact is ......,
there not handsome like The Wanted nor Big Time Rush,
 but they have a big talent and their songs are superb!
and I like this group because of their talent, yeabsolutely!,
three songs I love the most are :~

1) Jet Lag

2) Astronaut

3) Perfect

that's all for today! thanks for ya visitting! 

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