Saturday, February 4, 2012


Alowp..assalamualaikum! hye guys! waddup! how ya doin?!,
okey! semalam my along dah dapat hadiah bersempena dengan result PMR die yang agak cemerlang which is 7A, 2B!,
and I was very surprised that the prize was a handphone,
a very cute handphone.. dah lah dalam kotak tu disediakan beberapa cover yang sangat gempak warnenye, oren, putih, hitam and pink! my favie colours! oh my....!,
seriously, I'm very jealous right now.. hai.. bile lah saye boleh dapat handphone yang cambest ni????,
my umi said, "Kalau nak, kene tengok reslut PMR tahun ni, kalau 9A, kompom umi bagi, kalau tak.. jangan mimpi lah..," adeeeilah Guru Penasihat Kelab Ping Pong SMK Taman Jasmin 2, Puan Noraini Rahim ni.,
okey..di bawah ni saye selitkan beberapa kelebihan handphone ni.. so.. hope you'll enterntained with what I'd search... bubye and assalamualaikum! *peacenowar!

Powerful & Compact

Strong performance combine in style, compact design in aprocessor Samsung GALAXY Y. With a more powerful processor,7.2 Mbps download speeds make this phone a winnerEquipped with an attractive compact body and a 3 "that makes you feelcomfortable when viewing videos and playing games. 

Rich Smart Experience 
With the Android operating system is the most up-to-date user experience is smooth and comes with Google Mobile service is an amazing web-based application interfaces with a variety ofchoices in entertainmentleisure and lifestyle choicesSocial Hubintegrates textmessagesemail and SNS updates into one singleportal for access at any timeFree Samsung Apps (and paidare both useful and valuable, and make your life easier and moreenjoyable.

Smart but Easy-to-Use

Enjoy TOUCHWIZ visually impressive UI and the completion of a more colorful interfaceYou can customize the homescreen as you please you because you know the features, applications andcontent most important to you. Multi-touch zoom function for webbrowsing can expand this site and get every detail. You can also search your contacts and applications with text or voice to find anything or anyone that you want.

 Colour your smart life
Wide selection of colors to meet your various needs. Match the color with your mood, and express themselves with the SamsungGALAXY Y.
* Color choices may vary for each country

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