Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Alowp.. Assalamualaikum
9th Feb. Few days to go before our 2nd Sem started.
everyday I'll scroll Faculty's page on Facebook,
hoping for the Dean will extend our winter break.
uugghhhh. So today's post I'm gonna share lil. bit bout us,
Pharmacy students in Alex Uni,
Basically, only 6 of us, Malaysian and off course, International students in this faculty,
guess what? semua perempuan.Tak de senior pulak. Ade pun baru je balik.
for your info, all international students that wanna further Pharmacy courses in Egypt,
sijil degree kite nanti bukan like normal degree in pharmacy,
its gonna be bachelor of degree in Clinical Pharmacy.
so what's the different? macam pharmacy biase jugak,
 pharmacy's subject like Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry, Pharmacognosy (study of drug contains in plants), Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry.. bla bla,
but there'll be addition medical's subjects like Histology, Anatomy which Lecturer dri Faculty laen as in Faculty Of Engineering and Faculty of Medicine akan join venture ajar kite.
why tetibe ade Prof dri Faculty of Engineering?,
sebab 1st year there'll be elective courses (which I cant even find their relation with Pharmacy) such as Calculus, Statistics and Computer Science. Owh ya! plus Applied English.
due to the lack of international student, lecturer prefer cakap Ammi (local Arabic) during classes,
so I beg for those yg nak further kat sini, please choose Uni ni, marilah kita meramaikan lagi jumlah International Students kat Faculty ni so that matlamat sebenar programme ni akan tercapai.
and off course, teman akak-akak kome ni hah.
masok je bangunan faculty, cam retis dah. semue orang kenal dak Malizi.
but no worries, frankly typing, diorang ni semue tersangatlah baik.
even kite tak mintak tolong pon diorang volunteer nak buat study group ajar kite.
plus jangan pandang rendah dekat diorang cause their english is way much better than us.
accent diorang perghh daebak. And diorang jenis kuat menghafal.
So boleh belajar dengan diorang care menghafal dengan cepat camne nanti.
rumusan for my first sem subjects,
Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry teramatlah tough,
kene struggle sangat-sangat. tapi lab sangat best. which we'll be doing chemical test on any substances like alcohol, aldehyde, ketone, anion test, cation test, untuk transition element,
campur due colourless solution whoooshhh!! tukar warne rose pink, then cilok siket bawak balek rumah, sebab nak tunjok kat member betape canteknye warne solution tu. lol. don't try this.
Botany And Medicinal Plants,(gonna be Pharmacognosy) my favourite subject so far,
dengar cam 'eeiiww, what's that?' an? but believe me fellas,
study of plants and the drugs contains in it is so much fun!,
except for the taxa. we must memorise all the family, kingdom, genus, species, blablabla in the class of plant, which will be asked on your oral exam. Prof die sangat best,
seboleh-boleh nak kite faham ape yang die ajar,
ade satu kali tu time die tengah mengajar, dalam slide die masokkan ayat al-quran and relatekan dengan ape yang die ajar. Bumi Barakah. ARDHUL KINANAH.
that's all sharing session from me. ingat! sape nak further Pharmacy kat Mesir, pilih Alex Uni. lol.

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