Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Steric Hindrance

Alowp, Assalamualaikum. Hye guys! Wad’dup?!,
So here I am, struggling with my 1st year, Final 2nd Semester Examination,
My previous paper, Pharmacognosy was so unbelievably what we all had been ‘DREAMING FOR’.
The questions in the exam were all as ‘expected’ to be asked to the FIRST YEAR STUDENTS,
Well, She gave us, FIRST YEAR STUDENTS! Clinical cases and asked us to describe possible drugs that the patient mistakenly took, like Ya ALLAH!
And then right after those R.I.P written exam,
we had to proceed with our Oral Exam which was very ‘easy like ABC’ as well,
uggghhh.. Satu doctor, tanye due orang students dalam satu mase,
which bile kau teragak-agak nak jawap satu soalan tu,
She’ll then ask your partner the question that she asked you,

Sabar yo lahh.. tinggal lagi 4 paper,
Histology (In Shaa Allah, kheir) , Physical Pharmacy (tough paper), Pharmacy Orientation (History about Pharmacy and few Dosage Calculation) and my favourite paper so far HUMAN RIGHTS!
Habes je Human Rights, it’ll be 2 days duration for me to pack my things up before I go back to my beloved homeland, Oh MALAYSIAAA!
(NOW PLAYING Yellow Boxes by Tyler Ward) lols.
Maken dekat tarikh ni, maken berdebar, maken tak sabar,
cepat lah cepat lah cepat laaahhh, 
15 days left.. Doakan perjalanan kami selamat,
Exam pon tak habes lagi dah fikir balek.

Ohh yaaa, Ramadhan tiba.. Ramadhan tiba, Ramadhan tiba! Marhaban Ya Ramadhan!,
hehe.. Selamat berpuasa kepada seluruh umat Islam, Bazaar Pahala dah datang woi!,
dan sudah terang lagi bersuluh, I'll join venture puasa kat Mesir ni but only for few days.
At least dapat merasa gak, ye dak? Ade orang kate puasa kat Mesir ni meriah..,
salah satu sebabnya dapat free Nasi dengan Ayam quarter part sorang satu!,
wooahh!! Bile sebut pasal makanan free, mate ni automatic bercahaya!,
First year symptom bak kate hakak-hakak senior kat sini.
"Time first year ni lah berat badan naek, nak keluar duet serba salah, dapat makanan free tu memang heaven on earth lah"
The sad truth lahh.. sokay. banyak lagi masa.. work out Ja..
so that's all from me.. for these time being.. Assalamualaikum dan Selamat berpuasa!
 belanja gambar Alex siket..

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